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With Facebook reach and engagement dropping the past few years, it’s become a lot more challenging to make the platform work for you. Now it’s even more crucial to know the algorithm and use that knowledge to your advantage. And with the Facebook algorithm prioritizing post popularity as an important factor for determining its visibility, you need to focus on creating high-quality content that will drive engagement. Not sure how to create content that will boost your Facebook engagement? Check out these top 14 interactive posts for your Facebook page. How to Boost Engagement Using Interactive Posts for Facebook: 1: Ask Questions 2: Ask for Feedback 3: Share Links to Valuable Blog Posts 4: Share a Timely Message 5: Participate in a Trending Conversation 6: Run a Contest or Giveaway 7: Poll Your Audience 8: Share a Fun Bingo Board 9: Ask Them to Fill in the Blanks 10: Create a Relatable Meme Read more 1: Ask Questions Questions are a great way to get people to engage with your posts. You could ask them to share their personal experiences and stories related to a particular topic. Or you could ask them a simple question about their current mindset, interests, preferences, and opinions.

For example, Nintendo Switch asked their fans Photo Retouching Service if they were “Ready to float into the weekend?” The question was used as a caption to a screenshot of a floating Kirby from the “Kirby and the Forgotten Land” game. The post received almost 2k likes and hundreds of comments–most of them being positive. 2: Ask for Feedback Whether it’s about your latest product or the quality of your service, feedback from your customers can help you look for ways to improve or add value to your current offering. Additionally, customers may be eager to share their feedback on what they like or dislike about your brand, helping you drive engagement. Get the best of both worlds by using Facebook as a channel for collecting customer feedback. You could share a post and ask people to leave a comment about their opinions and experiences using your product or service. This may be in relation to the product features, service quality, customer support efficiency, staff response, etc. You could even directly ask them about any additional solutions they expect from you. 3: Share Links to Valuable Blog Posts While Facebook supports long-form text content (up to 63,206 characters), it’s not necessarily the best platform for sharing huge blocks of text if your goal is to engage your audience.
In fact, Facebook posts with 40-80 characters have seen the best performance overall. So it becomes a bit challenging if you want to share text-based content that your audience would find valuable. A good solution for this is to share links to your blog posts. Take the opportunity to share highly informative and valuable blog posts that you’re certain your audience would appreciate. For example, Apartment Therapy shared the following blog post about recycling LEGO sets and got plenty of engagement. 4: Share a Timely Message Timing matters if you’re going to drive engagement on Facebook (or any other social platform for the matter). So while your post timing is crucial to nail down, the content itself also has to be relevant to the times–whether it’s a current event that everyone’s talking about or a national/global holiday that your audience cares about. The event should ideally be relevant to your brand or industry or you should find a way to craft a relevant message that also aligns with your brand. For Pottery Barn, World Sleep Day provided the perfect opportunity to promote their Belgian Flax Linen bedding collection. 5: Participate in a Trending Conversation Is there a topic that everyone’s talking about right now? Or is there a popular challenge that’s taking social media by storm? People love to engage with trending conversations, so make the most of these trends to garner engagement on Facebook.

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